Stop! This AP Class Quiz Could Change Your Life

Stop! This AP Class Quiz Could Change Your Life

Hey ya’ll! I’ll be real with you right now: after writing up and publishing my recent blog post on the pros and cons of taking an AP class, I felt like I let you all down. I had this nagging feeling that the post was incomplete, though I couldn’t figure out why. Didn’t know why I felt that way or what I could add to make it better. I truly felt like I could have done more for you, my lovely readers.

So I mulled the idea around for a few days. How I could take that topic: AP classes, and go beyond what I had already written up for you? And soon enough, the idea came to me: once you’ve read my list of pros and cons, weighed your options, and decided that taking an AP class is right for you… what then? So I’ve gone ahead and I’ve made this quiz to help you figure out which AP class you should take!


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And don’t forget all the other steps in your journey to applying to universities! I’ve made freebies and tools for you for each step along the way!

  • you’ll have to do research on different schools (check out my blog post and College Bucket List checklist),

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And if you’re in the Los Angeles or San Bernardino area and need some help in your AP classes, feel free to reach out to discuss scheduling some tutoring sessions.

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