5 Steps To Rewrite Negative Self Talk

5 Steps To Rewrite Negative Self-Talk

Hi my lovely readers!

It was a bit of a wait, but without further ado, my second article has been published to HER Magazine! While my first article was about personal development through learning computer skills, I wanted to get a bit more personal this time around. This article is about rewriting negative self talk, and I’ve gone ahead and not only grabbed a sneak preview for you to read below, but also made some freebies for you to help with rewriting that negative self talk. You can grab your  cell phone goodies here and computer goodies here!

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The Misery Found On Any Online Social Network

How To Take The Headache and Misery Out Of Any Social Network

The Misery Found On Any Online Social Network

Being on a social network (or several) can sometimes be a wonderful experience. Social networks work beautifully to bring people together from across the world. They can introduce you to new cultures and new friends, as well as help you keep up long-distance friendships and relationships. My best friend and I live 3,000 miles apart, and we keep in touch mostly via WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.

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Master Your ABA Terminology

The Ultimate Glossary for ABA a.k.a. Applied Behavior Analysis

Master Your ABA Terminology

Hi parents! I know some of my readers are parents of children with special needs, and as such, you may have had to delve into the world of Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA. If your child receives behavior therapy, chances are you may have come across some terms you didn’t quite understand. Even though the main focus of Tutor in Tinseltown isn’t applied behavior analysis, I came across this ABA glossary by Tameika Meadows and wanted to share it with you all to give you some tools for navigating the world of ABA.

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To People Who Want To Praise Their Kids But Can’t Get Started

Praise for Your Child

To People Who Want To Praise Their Kids But Can’t Get Started

There are many ways to build positive behavior growth and healthy relationships with our children. One way is through delivering reinforcers, or rewards, for good behavior. I have an email course I encourage you all to sign up for that goes into detail on the Do’s and Don’ts of giving kiddos rewards and how to do it the right way (you can sign up at this link). Another way is through sweet pet names and praise.

Everyone uses praise and pet names. Pet names are a fun way to bond with those around us, whether it’s our spouse, friends, or children. However, have you stopped to think about whether your kiddo’s pet names might actually be harming their self image? Or harming the way they interact with the world around them? Unfortunately, like I discuss in my email course regarding the right and wrong ways to deliver rewards to kids, pet names and praise are easy to get wrong. Continue reading “To People Who Want To Praise Their Kids But Can’t Get Started”

Have You Ever Struggled With A School-Related Panic Attack?

stressing over grades and experiencing a panic attack

Trigger warning: This article contains information about experiencing a panic attack and/or mental health which may be triggering to survivors.


Have You Ever Struggled With A School-Related Panic Attack?

I’ve had times when I was seriously stressing over grades, and it was not pretty. I had a panic attack.

For me it was organic chemistry.

The first time around.

There came a point in the semester when my grade in the class was so low I experienced a panic attack. Sadly, I had convinced myself my academic life was over because I was doing so poorly. I had incredible tutoring from a Chemistry graduate student–sometimes even tutors need tutors! But by the time I discovered his classes, it was too late in the semester. Continue reading “Have You Ever Struggled With A School-Related Panic Attack?”