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College Applications Tracker


I remember how stressful and nerve-racking the college search and application process was, and how easy it was to lose track of where I was in the process of each school. With the recent addition of the Common Application, the process is a bit more streamlined, but collateral items still remain a more difficult task to organize.

The College Applications Tracker is your one-stop-shop for tracking all your college-related applications and To-Do tasks. This workbook includes not only school applications, but also the school’s responses, financial aid, and scholarships.


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Migraine Tracker

The World Health Organization reports that “Headache disorders, including a migraine and tension-type headache, are among the most prevalent disorders of mankind.” Ranging from once per year to once per week, headaches and migraines have the ability to wreak havoc in a person’s life, for children as well as adults.

Being diagnosed with a chronic migraine myself, I have decided to share the worksheets I use myself with all of you. These have helped me not only understand my own triggers and therefore take some control of my migraine situation, but also help my Migraine specialist better understand what steps we should take in terms of treatments and medications.


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My Kiddo is Starting ABA… Now What?!

The diagnosis rate of Autism increases rapidly with every passing year. And with it, a prescription for Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA therapy. But with a science, methodology, and vocabulary all its own, it can be scary to be thrown into this ABA world without a parachute. My Kiddo is Starting ABA… Now What?! will answer all the questions you never even knew you had about ABA and what it means for your child and family moving forward.


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