Open Letter to Those Participating in March for our Lives

This message is for those incredible individuals participating in the March for our Lives rallies taking place today.

Thank you!
You are amazing.

Unfortunately, this stuff isn’t new. The earliest recorded US school-related shooting was in 1764. There has been a constant increase each year since then, but our gun laws remain incapable of protecting our community’s children in the one place you should feel safest: school.

What happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, like all school shootings, was an enormous tragedy. However, we can’t ignore what makes this situation different: the activism and drive present within you. Present within all of you. The way you have all come together and worked so hard to make your voices be heard on behalf of all students, this is not something that will soon be forgotten. The town hall hosted by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas students was an inspiration. Despite my passion for social activism and causes now, I was not an activist at your young age, I was not a warrior for social justice. But seeing all of you so involved in policy and fighting for what you believe in made me wish I had done more in my own youth to improve the world we all live in.

Rallying together across the country and organizing the March for our Lives as well as walk-outs everywhere from schools in our country’s largest metropoles to those in one-light towns, you are going so far beyond what any other generation has done to combat gun violence in our schools.

If our nation’s history is changed today or in these coming months and years, it will be because of you.

So don’t stop your movement. Don’t stop this fight to change our laws and policies around gun control.

Thank you for giving those younger than you the incredible example of bravery social activism that is March for our Lives. Beyond that, you are potentially giving them the chance at a safer life.

You are standing up for your beliefs and refusing to back down.

And in so doing, this world we live in will be yours to shape and mold into a better place to live. So don’t stop! Continue on your efforts, and continue to March for our Lives.


With all my support,


open letter to those in March for our Lives

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