I HATE MY JOB! What to do When You Want to Switch Careers

Hi all! I’m back with another HER Magazine article for you!

For today I wanted to write to you all about career and work burnout, unhappiness, and overall dissatisfaction. But even more importantly than all those negative feelings, I want to talk to you about what you can do to start feeling better about your professional journey.

The average person (working 40 hours per week from the age of 20 to 65 with 2 weeks off each year) will spend 90,360 hours of their entire lives working.

90,360 hours!!

Call me crazy, but I think that is WAY too many hours to dedicate to a job you hate!

So I’ve written this article for you, to serve as both a little inspiration through my own personal story, but also to give you some ideas on what you can do to improve your professional situation if you are unhappy with your current job.

I HATE MY JOB! What to do When You Want to Switch Careers

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

You pursued the college major that seemed like the “safe” option.

A stable job in a growing field.

And now you’re realizing how much you hate it? How draining it is? How undervalued you are?

Do you catch yourself regretting your career choice? Wondering what would have happened if you had pursued what you really wanted to study?

Or maybe you pursued exactly what you wanted, only to enter the field and find out it’s a terrible fit for you?

Let me tell you something: I was in a similar situation.

In a way, I still am.


Do you find yourself thinking, “I hate my job” more often than you’d care to admit? If you are feeling burned out and miserable (or maybe just dissatisfied) with your current job and professional field, do something about it!

Click through here to read the rest of my article and hopefully come out happier and with a deeper motivation to make the most of your career and life.

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