Aren’t You Worried About Your University Search?

Aren’t You Worried About Your University Search?

If you’re a junior or senior in high school, you’re probably along the journey to choosing a university. But how do you know whether or not they are going to be a good fit for you?

Are you considering professional school for a quicker path to a profession?
In-state to stay close to home and for the tuition benefits?
Out of state for a brave new experience, change in scenery and weather?
Abroad for the ultimate cultural learning experience?

This is an incredibly fun time of your life! You’re about to embark on such an incredible and life-changing journey, I’m actually a little bit jealous!

Tips and Tricks

But whether you’ve just started your search, or you’re somewhere further along the way, here are some tips and tricks for you on your new adventure.

  • Be sure to visit the campuses you’re considering during the early half of spring or fall semesters. It’s very different reading the university’s demographics and campus involvement statistics versus getting to see the hustle and bustle of students walking around campus.


  • Apply to “dream” “reach” and “safety” schools. Applying only to “dream” schools may leave you with no opportunities, but applying only to “safety” schools will leave you wondering “what if” the rest of your academic career. The College Board recommends applying to 5-8 schools. Cast a wide net to make sure you have many options when it comes time to make your final decision.


  • Talk with your peers about the options they’re considering. They may open your eyes to schools you hadn’t even thought of! I wouldn’t have applied to my Alma Mater if my friend back in high school, Antoine, hadn’t told me about all the financial aid he was receiving from the school, and nowadays, I can’t imagine having gotten my Bachelor’s degree anywhere else.


  • But don’t limit your options to schools your friends or significant other will be applying to. You may have very different career paths or campus needs than your friends. They may crave a busy and exciting environment in far and exotic locations, while you need a calmer university. At the end of the day, your college experience will be your own, so don’t be afraid to apply to different schools from your peers.

Gifts to help you in Choosing a University

But there’s so much more to this whole process of choosing a university! Sign up below to receive my college-related gift: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a University.

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And if you already started the application process and need a structured way to keep your applications organized, you can grab your College Application Tracker here.


I truly hope these documents help you along your journey. Be sure to post pics of yourself completing your Bucket List and with your Tracker to Instagram and hashtag #succeedwithstephanie. I’d love to see you all making the most of the college experience!

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How to take control of your search for the perfect university

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