How to Make the STEM Subjects Interesting For Your Child

If you're homeschooling due to COVID19 and are choosing to teach your child yourself instead of outsourcing your lessons, chances are you'll be needing some help to make them interesting and to craft some real-life word problems. And likely, you'll also hear "But when am I going to use this subject in real life?!" quite a few times in your own classroom. So today's episode is on different school topics across various subjects and their real-world applications. Basically, how to make the STEM subjects interesting.

“But when am I going to use this subject in real life?!” It’s wild and a bit disappointing how often I get this one frustrated, groaning complaint from all my students! And unfortunately, it’s usually referring to the STEM classes. You know… Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Yes, the ones you have probably refused to help your child with all these years. I bet you’ve avoided helping them with these subjects either because you agree with your kiddo and think […]

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