Smart Ways to Build Your Kids’ Academic Prowess

Research reveals that children who have their parents involved in their academics perform extremely well, highlighting the importance of their role in their children’s educational success. With the coronavirus affecting many things, including school activities, there’s no better time to play an active part in your child’s learning and development. Are you wondering how to go about achieving this? Here are a few practical ways.

Identify the subjects they struggle with

Many kids have at least one or two subjects they may not particularly enjoy, and there could be reasons why they feel that way. These include finding the subject boring, irrelevant, or difficult to understand. It’d help if you try to get them to open up to you about the ones they struggle with, to enable you to identify how you can help them overcome it. 

For example, you can set a time apart to help your kids solve some questions relating to their least-loved subjects. You could also organize a study group to meet with their peers who better understand the subject. This will help encourage your children to tackle these topics head-on and eventually excel at them.

Let them learn at their own pace

Every child has a unique studying pace, and you have to determine that of your kids. According to research conducted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, students performed better when they were allowed to learn in their own way. How and when do your kids study? Discovering this will help you provide the essential things they need to facilitate their studies. You can also consider enrolling them in online charter schools, which enable their students to learn in ways they find most comfortable. Remember to strike a balance between pushing your kids to do their best and pressuring them to do what they’re not ready for, as this could affect their self-esteem. 

Constantly encourage them

Encouraging your kids also goes a long way in improving their academic skills. You could do this in many ways, such as showering them with praise when they perform well in their exams and raising their spirits when they don’t do so well. Also, communicate clearly with them so they understand that you’re willing to support them in whichever way you can; they don’t have to face their academic hurdles on their own. Let them know that you acknowledge their efforts. 

Another way to motivate them is to offer incentives such as TV time or extra playtime for when they do well. You can also buy their favorite candy bar or cook their favorite meal, but ensure this doesn’t become a habit as it could have unhealthy consequences and make your kids overly dependent on such rewards. 

Teach them self-discipline

Self-discipline is a fundamental trait that your kids need on their journey to academic success. This helps them to make basic decisions such as knowing when to turn off the TV and learn or reduce their playtime. What’s more, it also prepares them for responsible adulthood. 

You can get started on instilling this habit in your kids by setting a practical routine for them and explaining to them why they have to follow it diligently. Again, praise them when they do what they’re supposed to do and let them know why they’re being punished when the need arises. All these help them to be responsible for their studies and life in general. 


Your kids have different capabilities and are unique in their own right. Make it a point to deal with them individually and help them to learn at their own comfort. The tips listed above will guide you in being an integral part of your children’s academic success.