4 Threats To Your Child’s Home Learning

As a parent, there’s nothing you want more than to see your child thrive and succeed in life, particularly in their education. And, when they begin to struggle in their education, not only can it be concerning, but your child may lose confidence in themselves too. The last year or so has been far from easy for children now they’ve had to adapt to learning from home, and without the support of their teachers constantly, it’s up to you, as a parent to help your child continue learning at their expected rate. There may be environmental factors that are affecting your child’s learning so take a look at this list of things that might be hindering your child’s home learning so that you can rectify it.

They don’t have a designated classroom

While your home isn’t supposed to be a classroom, you’ve had no choice but to turn it into one for your child’s home learning. However, not having a dedicated space to learn can be very confusing for children, especially when they associate these rooms with other parts of their life like family time and playing with their toys. Choose a neutral room to create a classroom for your child so they can focus and separate their school work from relaxing time after school.

Temperature control

The temperature of the room they’re learning in could greatly affect their concentration levels. If they are too cold, they’re going to find it difficult to concentrate and absorb their school work and if they are too hot, they’re going to quickly feel lethargic and therefore unable to concentrate properly. Have your boiler serviced and consider a 24 Hour AC Service for your air conditioning unit so that you can regulate the temperature in the space they’re learning in. Not only that, during the summer heat you can take advantage of a nice cool space to help your child learn instead of feeling hot and bothered.

Too much technology

Whether you like it or not, technology is a huge part of your child’s life. It’s very likely your child has to attend an online lesson with their peers, as well as using television at home among other devices like tablets and smartphones. While they can be a wonderful tool for learning, too much technology or too much of the wrong kind of technology will significantly hinder their ability to listen and absorb vital information. Consider putting timers on to limit the use of technology outside of school work, and encourage your child to complete their school work on paper wherever possible. Not only will this help limit technology time, but it will help them practice handwriting and fine motor skills.

A lack of routine

Finally, the pandemic has knocked everyone around a little and it’s been very difficult to get used to. While it’s normal for your routine to be a little out of sorts, try and stick to routines with your child such as bedtimes, meal times, bathing times, and also learning times. That way, they know what to expect and are more likely to naturally fall into the right state of mind for learning.