MonthJune 2020

Keeping Kids Busy During Summer and Quarantine

Is your city still under some form of stay-at-home orders? Are you worried about having limited access to camps, child care, and activities to keep your children busy during quarantine and summer of 2020? Today we're talking about Keeping Kids Busy During Summer and Quarantine. This doesn't have to be complicated! If you set some goals that you want them to accomplish, it's easier to think of different activities that will accomplish those goals for them - and for you!

Hi there, I’m Stephanie Ortega, recently turned Stephanie Johnsen. I have been tutoring and offering academic consulting for about 15 years now. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. I did work in the field of ABA for about 5 years, both in consulting as well as in clinical work with children on the Autism Spectrum. However, I now own and run Tutor in Tinseltown, an academic consulting company where I help […]

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