5 Steps To Rewrite Negative Self Talk

5 Steps To Rewrite Negative Self-Talk

Hi my lovely readers!

It was a bit of a wait, but without further ado, my second article has been published to HER Magazine! While my first article was about personal development through learning computer skills, I wanted to get a bit more personal this time around. This article is about rewriting negative self talk, and I’ve gone ahead and not only grabbed a sneak preview for you to read below, but also made some freebies for you to help with rewriting that negative self talk. You can grab your  cell phone goodies here and computer goodies here!

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Attending my Brother’s Wedding: Reminiscing on When We Were Just Two Siblings Fighting

The inspiration for today’s blog post comes from traveling over 3,000 miles (each way) with just one month’s notice to attend my brother’s wedding.

Being in the Navy significantly restricts your ability to plan events in the long-term, which means that even though they had been talking about marriage for some time, he didn’t know when his wedding would actually be… until just one month before.

Hey big sis! May 17th, I’m getting married in miami!

And just like that, I booked a flight, took time off, and flew the 3,300 to our hometown. Continue reading “Attending my Brother’s Wedding: Reminiscing on When We Were Just Two Siblings Fighting”

To All the Mommas Out There: Happy Mother’s Day!

This Tutor in Tinseltown blog article by Stephanie Ortega is dedicated to celebrating moms everywhere on this Mother's Day 2018.

This year’s mother’s day is a unique one.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well, every few years or so, Mother’s Day lands on my birthday.

And this is one of those years.

I’ve flown back to my hometown to be with her (and for my brother’s wedding, of course) and to spend some time with family and friends.

So with this wonderful holiday upon us, I wanted to take some time to write this letter to my mom, as well as to all you mommies out there celebrating Mother’s Day with your own families. Continue reading “To All the Mommas Out There: Happy Mother’s Day!”