2 Critical Phases of Organization for Optimizing Your Child’s Productivity

What does being “organized” mean to you?

Is it having a neat workspace?

Is it being clean?

Is it having a to-do list?

A bullet journal?

An hourly planner?

Today, we’re discussing the two phases of organization for optimizing your child’s productivity.

Organizing Your time

The first phase of organization is organizing your time. Depending on your child’s needs and how busy their schedule is, this may be done on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Let’s say your child has their full schedule of classes each day, and only one activity on Tuesday nights. In that case, having a bird’s eye view would be more than enough.

Now, what if they have block schedule, and also have different activities on different days of the weeks? Then maybe a weekly perspective would be better for them. This way, they can keep an eye on what specific classes they have each day, and what activities as well. So maybe they have Karate on Tuesday, Spanish tutoring on Thursday, and swimming on Saturday mornings.

And what if they have multiple activities per day? Well, if after school activities are starting to stack up, then perhaps organizing their time on an hourly basis would be best.

Organizing their time and knowing what events they have coming up will help them improve their time management, which we know is a struggle – for kids and adults alike!

Psst by the way! For more on time management, check out episode 2: The Greatest Time Management Challenge for Students

Phases of Organization #2: Organizing Your Tasks

The second phase of organization is organizing your tasks. Again, depending on your child’s needs and how busy their course load is, this can be done in several ways. Your child can batch their to-do list by day, week, month, or a combination of all three.

Some tasks, like homework, may have stricter timelines to work with, while other tasks, such as chores or projects may have more wiggle room when it comes to different subtasks. This is where setting priorities comes into play – but more on that in a later episode!


So there you have it. Two of the Phases of Organization for Optimizing Your Child’s Productivity – and your own are: Organizing your time, and organizing your tasks. Is your child better at managing one over the other? Well, I encourage you to help them master both and you’ll soon start to see them excel with their academics, extracurricular activities, and even their hobbies, and beyond.

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